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Nuevos horizontes se abren en Ocean Republik, en nuestro afán de conseguir un modo de vida saludable, ligado al deporte, y ampliar el abanico de oferta, este miércoles 2 de septiembre empezamos con el Beach Funcional training.

El entrenamiento sobre arena conlleva un mayor consumo de energía y un menor impacto durante las sesiones de entrenamiento frente a aquellas que se realizan en superficies firmes. Es una variante del entrenamiento funcional, desarrollado siempre sobre superficie de arena, para mejorar el rendimiento

La idea es empezar con 3 días a la semana lunes, miércoles y viernes, de 8:30 a 9:30, siempre con la idea de ir creciendo e ir haciendo más grupos, mas días y con horarios distintos.

Sin duda es una oportunidad de oro para mantenernos en forma  para los días de viento y olas y poder aprovecharlos al máximo, además de ayudarnos a mantenernos en forma y prevenir lesiones.

Llamad ya para reservar, nos vemos…en la arena

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Ya se acaba el verano, pero nosotros seguimos con ganas de mas windsurf, y mas paddle surf y mas surf, así que en septiembre volvemos con el academy, tanto Junior como Senior. Empezaremos el 12 de septiembre, hasta la ultima semana de noviembre, excluyendo el puente de octubre, todos los fines de semana. Las inscripciones las tenemos ya abiertas, si queréis hacerlo por favor contactarnos por mail


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Stand up paddle surf (SUP) courses

Stand up paddle is the latest water sport on trend.  With its origin being Polynesian, we can see it now in beaches all around the world. What makes SUP special is its accessibility. Anyone can start. The feeling of practicing a water sport, sliding over the water as if you were flying, with the only sound of your paddle with friends is unparalleled. But don’t be deceived by this, SUP can also be an extreme water sport and you can surf proper waves As in any other water sport, you decide your limits. Ocean Republik offers a complete selection of Stand Up Paddle courses, adapting to your needs at any moment. You can decide wether to come for an hour, two, or whatever your body can handle. The stand up paddle course takes place inside the Marina, safe from currents and waves, to make sure your begining in this exciting sport is easy, but above all, fun!


In this course we will learn:


Basic Theory

Safety rules


Controlling the board



After your first SUP course, you will be ready to start rowing by yourself and improving your techniques. You will find out what a fantastic exercise SUP is, as you are using almost every muscle of your body. Many profesional sportspeople get SUP included in their training routine. You will also realise how effective this sport is to tone your muscles.


If you want to keep learning after your first SUP lesson, we also offer a surf course, where you can learn how to catch some waves using your SUP board.


In this course we will learn:


Getting past the breaking waves

Choice of wave

Introduction to surfing

Safety rules and right of way



All weekends we will scheduled activities related to technification and skills improvements as SUP surfers. The coach will propose different kinds of exercises and trainings to improve all aspects of your paddle surf. 

The target is getting the most of the session so that with flat water or wavy conditions we could be able to completely enjoy paddle surf.

Classes will take place on Saturdays or Sundays according to weather forecast conditions.




30 €

1,5 horas

Material Incluido

A partir de 5 pax: 25 € / 10 o más: 20 €


50 €

1 hora

Material incluido



15 €

1 hora

Neopreno no incluido

Consultar precios para grupos


25 €

Tiempo a determinar

Consultar precio bonos



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